9th European Economic Congress (EEC)

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Between the days 10th and 12th of May 2017 in International Congress Center in Katowice there was held the 9th edition of the top business meeting in Central Europe – European Economic Congress (EEC).

During the three-day Congress there were being discussed the following issues (among others):

-Political transformations in Europe are inching towards populism and isolationism.

-The economy in Europe after Brexit. Repercussions for economic exchange, the European labour market and finance.

– The economy’s social responsibility: environment, healthcare, and ethics. Migration and crises versus the European labour market.

-The role of the private sector in the development of the market and the economy.

-Work, workers and the hierarchy of values in the economy. Humans are the most important – from a catchphrase to management.

-The exhaustion of current drivers of economic growth. The knowledge-based economy and the European development model.

-Investing in a time of instability – risks, barriers, courage and profits.

-The role of the Chinese economy in the global market; China in the economic policy of the European Union and the countries of Central Europe.

-Technologies, digitisation and information in production. Where are we? What are we to expect?

-What do local governments invest in, and how? Experience and limitations.



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